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Hi, I am authorized Sastamalan Oppaat tour guide, role player, freelance writer, and master of social sciences. My career has been in culture and administration, and it continues as entrepreneur.

Tarinaopas offers destination, drama and story tours, cultural walks and local tours, local research and other content production, as well as exhibition supervision in Sastamala.

Get a guide – experience more! In the Sastamala region, I guide various groups: tourists, leisure hobby groups, work, retiree, and school groups, families, couples, and groups of friends.

The theme for 2023 is: ”A guide in the forefront of time – Guiden lever i tiden”

As a guide, I take the group to old stories, the world of arts, and new experiences in the hustle and bustle of villages and centers or in the silence of the forest, On drama tours, we peek together into the lives and events of iconic figures.

Guided Tours around Sastamala area by Tarinaopas: Ellivuori, Pirunvuori, Mouhijärvi, Häijää, Otamus and others. Drama Tours: Cultural centre Jaatsi, the childhood home of national artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Devil’s Mountain and Stone Castle, the atelier of artist Emil Danielsson.

You can get acquainted with Tarinaopas´ current stories and events on Facebook page and Instagram.

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Arja Valtonen, MSSc, authorized Sastamala guide
tarinaopas(a), Y 2917700-2, Mouhijärven Yrittäjät ry member

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Directly from me at tarinaopas(a), or +358503821840, and
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